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  • Shantae Bryan

Royell Foundation Changing Lives

"Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom"

-George Washington Carver

One of the things I’m truly passionate about is helping all children to reach their highest potential. I believe that starts with unhindered access to basic education. No child should be unable to learn simply because they and their families are unable to afford prohibitive school fees or the necessary tools such as books and uniforms. That is why I am a board member of the Royell foundation.

The Royell foundation was founded in 2001 by my late grandfather George Roye, a farmer and pastor alongside my grandmother Lilly Roye, a now retired teacher. It aids to provide the children of Eccleston Primary School in St. Catherine , Jamaica (my home town) with the school supplies they need to to mitigate the costs and subsequently stress of the school year.

For the past two years we have awarded scholarships of $25,000 JMD to the graduating top boy and girl student from Eccleston Primary School. This year we aim to provide at least four students with scholarships. Eventually we hope to provide all students from Eccleston Primary School the fees they need to attain the highest level of pre-college education they desire. As students begin their first year of high school parents are required to fund their children’s education with school fees, which range from $25,000JMD to $80,000JMD per child per year. Which is why the Royell foundation passionately believes we must increase the amount of scholarships awarded this year.

In order meet and exceed these fundraising goals, the Royell Foundation has created a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for both school supplies and the scholarships that we intend to provide the students with . Our donation suggestions are $25 for a backpack for one child in each (primary) grade level , and $600 for a classroom.

If you or someone you know own a business and would like to become a sponsor of this year’s Back to School Drive, please email us at If you would instead like to make a physical donation of supplies, we have members in the following cities - D.C, Baltimore, Atlanta, Ft. lauderdale, and Austin. If your organization (social, religious, educational or otherwise) would be interested in hosting a school supply drive on our behalf, please get in touch.

Feel free to reach out to me, or again, to We will send a suggested donation supply list from where you can choose which and how many items to donate.

On July 26, 2019, the Royell Foundation will be changing lives with our Annual Back to School Supply Drive in Saint Catherine, Jamaica.

Please join us!

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